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About Me

My name is Inn and my friends often jokingly call me “organic girl” because I am all about the organic lifestyle. I grew up the conventional way but when I was young; the world, food, skincare, makeup and other products were not so toxic and full of harmful chemicals. I was not particularly health conscious until I started to diet when I was studying Law in London, which led me to visit health food shops. That was the beginning of my journey into the organic and natural lifestyle, which took many years.

When my daughter suffered from eczema, we tried so many different conventional medicines, and skincare products. Sadly, we found that they merely masked the symptoms for a short time only for the skin problem to rear its head again with greater vengeance.

I started to see how harmful chemicals were. So, I turned to more natural and organic skincare products and began to eat organic and whole foods. I started reducing the chemical load in my house as well. It took years of self-education, and I was constantly learning about how to live a more sustainable and organic lifestyle, to use less toxic products in my body and home and how to live a healthier lifestyle.

I started this site because of my passion for organic and sustainable living and I want to make others aware of how critical it is for their health that they turn to a more organic and natural lifestyle so they can live their best life.

I hope you learn lots here and thank you for being here!

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